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    Vertical rubber injection molding machine

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    Rubber injection molding machine

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    vertical rubber injection molding machine

    four column rubbe injecion machine uses Gemany technology of injection machine. It has high effciency, high quality, high precision features. Compared with foreign similar machines, the most advantage of our machine is that it has good performance-price ratio. It sells well not only in domestic market but also at abroad.
    vertical rubber injection molding machine is used to produce auto spare parts, industral spare parts, electric appliances insulated spare parts, sealing washer, antivibration pad, toy and bodybuilding rubber parts, etc. It has short production time, good quality, stable physicomechanical character and precister and precise dimension. It is especially good for producing rubber products of complicated shape, thick wall or with embedded parts.

    vertical rubber injection molding machine features

    1.The first plasticized rubber materal goes into the mold cylinder first during injection,which means Fist In Fist  Out(FIFO). This saves production time.
    2.Provide big work table
    3.Imported double-proportinal trunk pistion oil pump can do any actions without impact
    4.Save 25-50% motor energy cost
    5.Use Germany electronic ruler to measure the injection, ensure the precision
    6.Thee sections of injection pressure,flow and pressure holding satisfy any products’ technological requirements
    7.PLC programmable controller and touch screen make it easy to set up ,view and save Technological parameters.It con also supervise the whole producing, auto diagnose inner fault And give an alarm
    8.Protect with safe light curtain
    9.Precisely fix mold in and out position
    10.Control materal temperature
    11.Temperature control precision is between ±1


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