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Taiwan two roll mill manufacturer offer new two roll mill price for rubber

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    two roll mill for rubber and silicone

    • No.:
    • Brand :QIAOLIAN
    • OEMYes
    • FunctionCooling system

    two roll mill for rubber and silicone andEVA for laboratory room test,

    1. 详细信息


    two roll mill for rubber

    lab model LSK-230
    roller diamter 230mm
    roller length 620mm
    speed ratio 1:1.2
    roll gap 0.03-8mm
    capactiy 8-12kg
    motor power 15/18.5kw
    temp contrl water colling system
    weight 2500kg

    optional feature:

    1. PLC automatic control system.

    2. single driven frequency control.

    3. dual drive dual frequency control.

    4. industrial temperature controllers.

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