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    Multifunction Slitting Machine for rubber / PVC/ magnetic sheet

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    Multifunction Slitting Machine for rubber,PVC,magnetic sheet

    1. 详细信息

    Multifunction Slitting Machine for rubber / PVC/  magnetic sheet

    Multifunction Slitting Machine Scope:

    Multifunction  Silicone sheet slitting, slitting rubber sheet, PVC sheet slitting, magnetic sheet slitting slitting and other required materials;

    multifunction Slitting Machine Features:
         Multifunction slitter can be flexibly adjusted over 28mm slitting width according to different needs; CNC Slitting open bar is accurate, unlimited length, stable operation, low noise, low consumptionmultifunction slitter safe and efficient production is injected with curing machine, rubber extruder necessary equipment.
    Multifunction slitting machine efficiency:
             A sub-machine can replace dozens of workers artisanal striping;
    QL-350 CNC slitting machine technical parameters:
    Model: QL-350
    Stamping times: about 60 beats / min
    Die size: 350x350mm (maximum)
    Power: 4.0KW
    Pressure: 15T
    Weight: 600Kg
    Dimensions: L1500 x W1350 x H1600mm


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