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    Silicone cutting machine for preforming

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    Silicone cutting machine for preforming

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    Silicone cutting machine for preforming


    Silicone cutting machine functions and features:
    1 The silicone cutting machine noise, high precision slicing, saving the cost of raw material prices;
    2 Silicone knife before cutting machine is equipped with safety barriers and security "electronic eye", which can effectively guarantee the safety of the operator, and the other just need to secure files from the position, the machine will automatically pop up alarm screen prompts;
    3. silicone cutting machine adjusted to the best condition, slice accuracy can be achieved ≮0.1mm;
    4 Sec length and speed setting, single use can also be used in combination;
    5 Silicone adjust cutting machine when you  control the number of cutting down, it can also be manually stopped.
    Silicone cutting machine Technical parameters:
    Model: QL-550
    Cutting width: ≤550mm
    Length: 0.1-1000mm
    Thickness: ≤10mm (Silastic)
    Power Specifications: 220V 50Hz
    Motor power: 120W
    Cutting speed: 50-100 times / min (due to the width)

    Dimensions: L1100x W790x H1200mm


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