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    Rubber kneader machine

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    Rubber kneader machine

    1. 详细信息

    Rubber kneader machine

    mixing capacity(L)2025355575
    motor power(KW)30/37375575110
    tilting angle(°)110°
    air compressor pressure(Mpa)0.5-0.8
    cooling water pressure(Mpa)0.2-0.40.3-0.5
    electriheater power(W) 40004500100015001800
    mixing structure"M-W" type
    temperature controllersteam or electrical heating / water cooling / temperature control machine



    Taiwan two roll mill

    Banbury mixer machine for silicone,rubber,plastic High demand mixing,Banbury mixer machine suitable for rubber mixers, silicone mixers,plasticsmixers,metal powders mixers.The machine agitator blades of this machine are made of alloy,mixing and dispersing evenly,wear-resisting,long service life.

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