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Only read without thinking, no future, 30 years later, the children can not find a job

Only read without thinking, no future, 30 years later, the children can not find a job

In 2017, Fortune magazine named Ma as the global leader of the year. The view of such a global leader is always easy to get a vote of approval, and it also brings deep thinking to many people.

Just recently, the big data summit in Guizhou, Ma said a panic to the masses of words: "I can guarantee that thirty years later, the children can not find a job."."

And his view is not sensational, but brewing in the era of artificial intelligence development faster and faster, under the background......

Jack Ma:  only read without thinking, no future

Recently, in Guizhou big data summit, Ma once again stunned, he said:

The best overtaking era for the next thirty years is a redefined era of change. If we continue our previous methods of teaching, remember, recite and count these things for our children. Don't let the children to experience, let them try fancies of men of letters. I can assure you that thirty years later the children will not be able to find a job.

"Because they can't compete with machines and intelligence.". "He said firmly.

Indeed, when the artificial intelligence AlphaGo defeated Ke Jie at that moment, there were already many voices that had doubts about the future of mankind.

Then, what areas and industries will be the first to be affected by artificial intelligence technology?

For the future, the most likely to be replaced by the industry, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of industrial economics researcher Li Xiaohua believes that there are two main categories: first, low innovation capacity of the industry, two is more repetitive labor industry.

According to China Youth Network News, according to the "artificial intelligence era of the future career report", the wave of technological innovation will first affect a number of compliance with the "five second rule" workers.

The "five second rule" refers to a work if people can make corresponding decision to thinking and decision-making problems in less than 5 seconds in then, this work will have a very big may be all or part of the artificial intelligence technology to replace. That is to say, these occupations are usually low skilled jobs that can be "practice makes perfect".

According to this theory, translation, drivers, security, customer service, home economics, accounting and other occupations are likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future.

According to NetEase intelligence news, Google commissioned the strategy consulting firms AlphaBeta to write an interesting report that statistics on the time that Australia's nearly 100 jobs can be replaced by automation technology.

The calculation results show that three kinds of tasks are difficult to replace automation: interpersonal communication, creative work, decision making and information comprehensive work; and three kinds of work is easy to be replaced: automation of information analysis, non repetitive manual and repetitive manual labor.

Many people don't need to work in the future

In the first three industrial revolutions, machines replaced "human muscles", but the four industrial revolution would be the replacement of intelligence. The application of robots and the emergence of unmanned factories will undoubtedly wipe out traditional posts in many fields.

For so many positions to be replaced, many people are beginning to worry that their next generation is really, like Ma Yun says, no job.

According to the new Jingwei news, in this regard, Li Xiaohua said: "artificial intelligence in the application of three factors to promote: first, hardware technology, two is the depth of the algorithm, and three is big data. But in the final analysis, the integration of these data and the co-ordination of technology still need human control, high-tech industries are difficult to be replaced."

Experts say they do not agree that "I can guarantee that children will not find a job after thirty years".

Li Xiaohua argued that concerns about machine preemption began in the industrial revolution, when there were also industrialists who smashed textile machines. But from the development of human society for two hundred or three hundred years, the new technology and new machines replace the work of a person, but also create more jobs.

The problem of surplus labor is now prevalent in some developed countries. With the development of science and technology, a family of five may need only one labor force to take part in the work, enough to support the whole family life, and the rest of the family members do not need to work." Lu Renbo, Deputy Secretary General of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, added.

"Even without artificial intelligence, the world will change," Lu Renbo said. I think Ma Yun means to tell us that the world is changing, and we are going to find out the new trend. As long as I can grasp the new trend, I believe our future will not be as terrible as he said.

"In the future, our leisure time will increase substantially. We should cultivate more hobbies and not aim at making money."." Said Lu Renbo.

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