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How to prevent solid impurities from mixing into the hydraulic system?

How to prevent solid impurities from mixing into the hydraulic system?

The clean hydraulic oil is the life of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic system has many precision matching parts, and some have damping holes, and some gaps, etc.. If the solid impurity invasion will result in the damage of the precise coupling, the hairpin and the oil jam, etc., which will endanger the safe operation of the hydraulic system. General solid impurities invasion of hydraulic systems are: hydraulic oil is not clean; refueling tools unclean; refueling and maintenance, maintenance careless; hydraulic components, scaling and so on.

The solid impurity intrusion system can be prevented from the following aspects:

1, when refueling:

The hydraulic oil must be filtered and filled, and the tools should be cleaned reliably. You can't remove the filter from the tank filler to increase fuel flow. Refueling personnel should use clean gloves and work clothes, in case the solid impurities and fiber impurities fall into the oil.

2, maintenance time:

Remove the hydraulic tank, gas cap, filter cover, test hole, hydraulic tubing and other parts, causing the system oil road exposed to avoid dust, the demolition parts should be thoroughly cleaned before opening. Such as the demolition of the hydraulic tank filler cap, remove the dirt around fuel tank cover, unscrew the oil tank cover, remove the residual in the joint position of the debris (not wash with water to prevent water infiltration, confirmed after cleaning tank) to open the fuel tank cap.

If you need to use wiping materials and hammers, you should choose not to wipe out the fiber impurities and hit the surface of the special hammer attached to rubber. Hydraulic components, hydraulic hoses should be carefully cleaned and dried by high-pressure air. Selection of good packaging of genuine filter (internal packing damage, although the filter is intact, it may be unclean).

When the oil is changed, the filter is cleaned at the same time. Before applying the filter core, the wiping material is used to clean the dirt at the bottom of the filter housing carefully.

3 、 cleaning of hydraulic system:

Cleaning oil must be used with the system used for the same brand of hydraulic oil, oil temperature between 45~80 degrees, with large flow, as much as possible impurities in the system to take away. The hydraulic system should be cleaned three times or more. After each cleaning, it will be released when the oil is hot. After cleaning, clean the filter and replace the new filter. Then fill in the new oil.

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