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Taiwan two roll mill manufacturer offer new two roll mill price for rubber

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the mixing Process of the two roll mill

Two roll mill in the mixing process relies mainly on two opposite rotation of the roller on the rubber produced extrusion, shearing,After several kneading and kneading process chemistry associated,Inside the macromolecular chains of the rubber interrupted so that various components uniformly blended inside the plastic material, and mixing to achieve the final goal.


Excluded from the film roll gap due to differences in the surface speed of the two rollers, and the temperature in a covered roll, return to the roll between the two, so that multiple reciprocating complete mixing effect.Prompted during mastication of rubber molecular chain length becomes shorter.Elastic from large to small; prompting surface size of each component during kneading constantly updated, uniform mixing.


In the intermittent operation two roll mill, after feeding rubber roller from repeated several times through the last cut showings.Effect is due to the extrusion of plastic material through the gradual narrowing of the roll spacing to produce, with the increase of the pressing force and horizontal pressure is increased;Is due to the shearing action before and after the roll has a ratio to produce, the greater the ratio the greater the shearing force.
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