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Two roll mill different name

Two roll mill different name

Open rubber mixer, rubber mixer, roller mill machine, 2 roller machine, color mixer..etc.

The open rubber mixer is one of the most widely used equipment in all tire factories and rubber products factories. It is also widely used in many factories in other industrial sectors.

The open rubber mixer is made up of two horizontally arranged and relatively rotating rollers for the processing of viscoelastic rubber or plastic rubber trees. The adhesive passes through the gap between the two rollers and is subjected to a strong shearing deformation therein. The open rubber mixing machine can work intermittently or continuously.

Open rubber mixing machine is mainly used for rubber mixing and plastication; mixed thermal mixing and tabletting practice glue; remove debris broken and rubber reclaimed rubber in (refining)

The process of opening the machine to process the rubber is as follows:

Add the limb to the space between the two rotating rolls. Two roller notes sizing and pull it into the roll gap. The gap value of the roller can be adjusted from a few millimeters to 10 and 12 millimeters. In the roll gap, the rubber is rolled and evenly distributed over the entire length of the roller. In addition, the rubber is subjected to a great shearing force due to friction in the roll gap. Because of the difference in speed between front and rear rollers, that is to say, it also produces potential shear force. The glue is attached to a roll by the roll gap and is usually attached to the stick and forms a dense adhesive layer over the front roll.

At this time, because of a certain speed ratio, some of the rubber material will continue to flip before the roll gap. Call this shapeless, overturned mass of "roll over" glue". During further processing, a batch of new glue is continuously formed and pulled into the roller gap by batch, and evenly distributed on the roll surface. The processing of the material is only carried out in the clearance range of two rollers. The strength of the processing depends on the size of the gap between the two rollers. The glue can be repeatedly passed through the roller gap, and after being fully processed, the film is removed from the roll. The working state of the mill is called intermittent printing.

For continuous work, a trial is added between the two rollers. After the uniform length of the roller is evenly distributed, it is cut into a narrow strip and transported continuously by a conveyor belt. The roll wave overturned before the gap of the roller forms a new glue layer on the roller, and then supplies the equipment to continue to replenish the rubber.

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