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    QIAOLIAN INDUSTRY since in 1982 from Taiwan, QIAOLIAN use Germany, Japan technology Research and Development downward press type high voltage insulator machine, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, silicone & rubber  injection molding machine, DIN machine safety standards lab two roll mill machine etc.. we're offer silicone & rubber and carbon fiber reinforced plastics industry solutions plant for customer.
    Siwarde Group FAQ
    1Q: What is the main applications? 
    A: Sporting goods, medical supplies, automotive supplies, high and low voltage electricity.
    2Q: Any discount possible if I place an order?
    A: Yes.we have different price ranges (discounts) based on different order quantities.Please contact 
    our sales girl for detailed price information.
    3Q: What is MOQ? 
    A:  1 Set. 
    4Q: How long is the delivery time?
    A: Different products and quantities have different procedures and different timing.We may promise
    that we can try our best to finish all of your orders within the shortest time.For more information,
    please contact us directly.
    5Q: Are customized products accepted?
    A: Your idea, your choice, we design, we make, Qiaolian Machinery to be your factory.
    6Q: what's the size of lab two roll mill machine?
    A: Normal size Φ120mm  Φ160mm  Φ230mm, other size our offer OEM for consumer
    7Q: what's the safety device of lab two roll mill machine?
    A: Four emergency stop switch,forward and back body touch E-Stop switch for two roll mill machine .
    8Q: what's the temperature control of lab two roll mill machine?
    A: Electric & oil heating & steam heating and water cooling of OEM.
    9Q: what's the roller base material of two roll mill machine?
    A: Alloy roller.
    10Q: what's the advantage of two roll mill machine?
    A: Hardend reducer,bearing transmission,so the machine low noise and low machine fault, and we can OEM design for industry customers.
    11Q: More information about payment terms?
    A: We can accept Paypal,T/T and Western Union for money transfer and cash.
    Siwarde Group
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